Žižek on Christian Fundamentalism

In anticipation of a review of Žižek and Milbank’s The Monstrosity of Christ:

This is why Western Christian fundamentalists are sinners in disguise: what they lack is a feature that is easy to discern in all authentic fundamentalists, from Tibetan Buddhists to the Amish in the USA–an absence of resentment and envy, a deep indifference toward nonbelievers’ way of life.  If today’s so-called fundamentalists really believe they have found their way to Truth, why should they feel threatened by nonbelievers, why should they envy them?  When a Buddhist encounters a Western hedonist, he hardly condemns him.  He just benevolently notes that the hedonist’s search for happiness is self-defeating.  In contrast to true fundamentalists, terrorist pseud-fundamentalists are deeply bothered, intrigued, fascinated, by the sinful life of nonbelievers.  One can feel that, in fighting the sinful other, they are fighting their own temptation.  Christian fundamentalists are a disgrace to true fundamentalism.

-Slavoj Žižek


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