Marx on Marxism

“All I know is that I am not a Marxist.”

-Karl Marx, as cited by Friedrich Engels in a letter to Conrad Schmidt.


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  1. Another interesting observation by Engels was;

    “Unfortunately, however, it happens only too often that people think they have fully understood a new theory and can apply it without more ado as soon as they have assimilated its main principles, and even these not always correctly. And I cannot exempt many of the more recent ‘Marxists’ from this reproach, for the most amazing stuff has been produced in that quarter too.” (Marx/Engels. Selected Correspondence. Progress. Page 396.)

    I start an article entitled ‘Marxism’ against Marx’ at with the above quotation and go on to list the redactions and reductions the Marxists made to the ‘organic revolutionary-humanism of Marx.



  2. Thanks for that interesting quote. Michel Henry’s “Marx: a Philosophy of Human Reality” also spends a considerable amount of time distinguishing between “Marx” and “Marxism” (he even goes so far as to strongly distance Marx and Engels, whom he regards as the first mis-reader of Marx)

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