Accounting for the Saturated Phenomenon

A great introduction to Jean-Luc Marion’s Saturated Phenomenon by Fides et Ratio, Check out their blog!

Fides et Ratio per Mysterium

The concept of the saturated phenomenon is a difficult on to get a hang of, and even then it still feels unwieldy. My goal in this post is to introduce this concept, as developed by Jean-Luc Marion, just to get our heads around it. The next few posts, excluding the pop culture ones, will hinge on this concept, so it’s important for this to make sense.

Before we even begin to consider Marion’s concept, we need to review our Kantian metaphysics 101. According to Kant, the mind formats our experiences into certain predetermined forms of thinking, or categories. These categories of quantity, quality, relation, and modality are found by Kant to be the conditions for the possibility of experience. In other words, there are certain elements of experience that are necessarily imposed by the human mind, and serve as a consistent framework for objects of our experience. The table of…

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  1. Congratulations on your ABD (+150 courses) status! We were hoping you would have some wise comments on Faith here.

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