Michel Henry on Scientism

“The flight from oneself is the heading under which one can classify almost everything that is happening right before our eyes.  This is not in science in itself, which is entirely positive in the knowledge of nature that it defines through its procedures.  But, as we have sufficiently insisted, it is the belief that the Galilean science of nature is the only possible knowledge and the only real truth, such that there is no other reality, as true reality, besides the objects of this science.  As a result, the human being would only be real under these terms and all knowledge of the human being would only be a mode or a form of this single science.  Here an ideology–scientism and positivism–replaces science, but it is through this ideology that the world comes to be grasped as a scientific world.”

-Michel Henry, Barbarism

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  1. Hi, I am from Australia.
    Please find a unique Illuminated Understanding of the all important relationship between scientism (as distinct from science as an open-ended method of free enquiry) and reductionist exoteric religiosity (which is the only kind of “religion” that now exists).

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    What do you think about the debate between science and scientism?

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