Graded University Pay Scale Threatens the Humanities.

As the university system continues to technologize, embracing the capitalist/scientistic framework, the humanities may take a great hit.


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  1. “Capitalist/scientistic?” What a bizarre sort of identity claim to make. What exactly do voluntary relations have to do to with the claim that science is the end-all be-all of human knowledge?

    Actually, I think I’d push back against this and argue that making higher education more socialistic is more likely to to make it become “scientistic,” if you want to call this proposed change that.

  2. I am here referencing a work on the academy that I recently reviewed, “Barbarism” by Michel Henry. There, he connects the dissolution of the humanities and the elevation of “practical” programs (what the article calls STEM programs) to the role of single-arbiter-of-truth. In this way, he (I think quite accurately) connects recent movements in the academy to a larger pattern of technologization as Scientism, itself traceable to problematic axioms of the earliest movement of the scientific revolution.

    He similarly traces certain problematic movements in capitalism to a similar source (and again I agree), and for that reason, I was commenting upon my lack of surprise that one would find this scientistic movement grounded in capitalistic motivations. For both, it might be argued, are simply the working out of the same general movement.

  3. This is really unfortunate. I’ve never read the Henry, but I think I see what you’re getting at. Under this thinking, one gets an education not for the personal formation, but for the market value. Since STEM programs have high market value already, pushing the price lower makes the incentive even greater. This, in turn, furthers the notion that an education that does not directly get one a job is not worth the time. The notion that only results matter, which is pretty much a tune scientism and capitalism can sing in unison, kills the idea of liberal arts education and learning for one’s personal betterment. Well, at least there will always be Catholic Universities to keep the torch going.

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