[Important!] Prison Hunger Strike on its 12th Day

California prisoners need our support. If you haven’t heard, there is a massive hunger strike in the California prison system in protest to the abusive policies of the states DOC. It is currently on its 12th day, and the California DOC is becoming increasingly hostile in its efforts to suppress the protests, including moving the prisoners to alternate prisons, blasting the AC in their cells to “freeze them out” (unbelievably dangerous for people who haven’t eaten in 12 days), and blocking legal access. Talk is beginning to turn to force feeding, as in Guantanamo. If you don’t understand the full consequences of what that entails, watch this (viewer discretion advised). Their demands are simple, common sense, and backed by a 2006 US Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons investigation:

  1. End group punishment and administrative abuse.
  2. Abolish the debriefing policy and modify gang status criteria.
  3. Comply with established recommendations concerning the use of solitary confinement.
  4. Provide adequate and nutritious food.
  5. Expand or provide constructive programming and privileges for indefinite SHU inmates.

Sign the Petition to the Governor here.


Please forward this, it really needs some publicity.


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