Contributor’s Guide

When do I post?

As often as you want! But preferably at least once a month. If you miss a month, its not the end of the world. We all have busy schedules. You’ll see my participation wax and wane with my school schedule, for example.

What do I post?

Anything that you find academically interesting that relates to philosophy, theology, religion, politics, psychology, etc. etc. Basically, this is a humanities blog, that aims to be intentionally broad in content.


Yeah, I try to put at least one pic in each post of substantial length.


Sure! But this isn’t tumblr, it is primarily a long-form blog. I have been known to link to (/reblog) interesting articles, or quotes, so feel free to as well.


Tag a lot, that is what gets people here. One quirk that I have maintained here, please tag authors full names (as they put them on their publications (e.g. “Jean-Luc Marion” rather than “Marion”, or “Thomas J. J. Altizer” rather than just “Altizer”). I know. It’s a quirk. But I want to keep the tags consistent so that the tag cloud looks nice.


Most are self explanatory. Put things in more than one if it makes sense. In general, long form posts just go in “thoughts” unless they have something more specific about them (e.g. art, or news).


Go for it. My posts automatically link to my tumblr. Feel free to do the same.


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