J. Leavitt Pearl:

318019_4052048630000_1446006692_nI am a graduate student at Duquesne University (PhD, Systematic Theology). My primary research interest is the theological turn of French phenomenology – in particular its philosophy of embodiment and sexuality. I am also interested in phenomenology more broadly, Medieval Christian mysticism (in particular Mesiter Eckhart), Death of God theology, Marxism, 19th century German Idealism, feminism/queer/gender theory, economics, and psychoanalysis.

I got a BA from Eastern Nazarene College, and a couple masters (MTS and STM) from Boston University.

You can find more information about me, as well as some presentations, and information on publications at:

Michael Dise:

I am a graduate of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, currently pursuing Ph.D. work in philosophical theology and the philosophy of wildhairreligion.

My research interests include postmodernity, process philosophy, German classical philosophy, holism, psychoanalysis, mysticism, and religious naturalism.

Other than that, I enjoy the significantly more important gifts of life, friendship, music, art, and whisky.

Kit Apostolacus:

10177261_1408130196092266_8063165927358888941_nI am a non-binary trans woman (she/her pronouns) and an undergraduate student at Eastern University in Saint Davids, PA, double majoring in Biblical Studies and Sociology, and minoring in Gender Studies. My academic work generally focuses on gender and sexuality, but I am also interested in dissolving orthodoxy as an enterprise, emphasizing the beauty of heterodoxy, and illuminating the abjection of queer and trans identities in the face of cisheteronormative theologies. A good, non-binary trans liberation theology is something I would like to see in the near future.

I enjoy reading, writing narrative and poetry, watching anime and listening to music.


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