Recommended Podcasts (all available on itunes):

Homebrewed Christianity

8/10 Theology blog from a liberal/progressive/emergent perspective, with more than a hint of process thought. Generally very interesting guests and interviews.

The Partially Examined Life

8/10 Philosophy with a minor Anglo-American bent. They greatly benefit from the specialists they bring in, but unfortunately they tend not to bring in experts for their Continental philosophy episodes leaving them, particularly their Merleau-Ponty, Husserl, and Structuralism (the section on Derrida) episodes pretty superficial, and a bit disappointing (exempting the Heidegger episode which was quite strong). That being said, generally it is a really solid podcast,

Entitled Opinions

7/10 Philosophy and Literature podcast with a Continental bent. Harrison brings in some really excellent guests, and has had some very engaging dialogues. My only real complaints (other than the pretentious opening monologues), is that Harrison seems to have adopted Heidegge’s style of reading philosophy, that is, read everyone through yourself.

Diet Soap Podcast

7/10 Critical theory, Marxism, and Left philosophy blog. I’m pretty new, so I’ll update after I get a better feel for it. So far so good.


9/10 Technology and Science blog. Always engaging. Great stories. Very well edited. Definitely tends toward positivism (particularly Jad), but is so well made that I can forgive it.


9/10 Sort-of economics blog. Great stories, interesting content. Extremely well made. Again, a little positivistic, but also again, so well made I can’t bring myself to care.

Queer Theology

7/10 Theology blog from a queer perspective. Weekly queer readings of the lectionary texts. Again, I am fairly new, so I will add a fuller analysis once I get a few more episodes deep.


?/10 Theology podcast with an interest in Christian/atheist dialogue. More Specifics to come.

(Know a blog

that I should review? Let me know in the comments below!)


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