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The academic ethics of strikebreaking

Very interesting commentary on the UK university strikes, by Steven Shakespeare (author of Derrida and Theology, among other works).


Adjunct Win at Religious College

Good news from the Adjunct unionization front. Hopefully this will help lend support to the Adjuncts at Duquesne in their ongoing struggle.

Adjunct Win at Religious College

Adjuncts at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington have the right to vote on whether to unionize, a regional National Labor Relations Board officer has ruled.

Union Busting at Duquesne University?

Unacceptable.  Duquesne University appears to be using its religious affiliation with the Spiritans in order to bypass its legal obligations, see here.  This is union busting plain and simple, whether or not it is clothed in religious garb.  Think that the adjuncts don’t have legitimate complaints?

““If you teach the maximum permitted number of courses, you make $10,000 a year, which is below the poverty line,” said Dr. Sowards, who became one of the union drive’s organizers. The salary represents four courses a year at a rate of $2,500 per course.

Another issue was health care. “We don’t have any,” Dr. Sowards said. And then there was job security. “Our contracts are written in such a way that the university can cancel our courses at any time for any reason, and you have no assurance that you can teach from one semester to the next. We have people who have been teaching here 25 years and never know if they have a job next semester.””

Don’t make me regret coming here.

Happy Labor Day!